Our Services

All Types of High Quality Render Finishes

We offer a large range of High Quality Render finishes including:
  • All Types of Texture Finishes
  • Sand & Scratch Finishes
  • Polished Concrete Finishes
  • Elastomeric Texture Finishes
  • Old White Set Finishes
  • Bagged Finishes

Render Restoration & Period Homes

Render restoration is the process of refurbishing and restoring your render to extend its useful life rather than full substrate replacement. Our extensive team will save you money and ensure your property improves its value years to come with the piece of mind that the job is done right.

Render Remedial Repairs & CRACK Repairs

We specialise in:
  • Brick stabilisation/concrete (cancer) repairs /surface treatments.
  • Salt damage repairs of brick stone.
  • Specialised protective coatings & sealers.
  • Rising Damp / damp mould solutions.
  • Repairs from simple crack patching to extreme big cracks that engineers require stitching and structural works.
Not sure if your property needs remedial work? Contact us for a FREE no obligation assessment.